And the winner is.... Welcome to the latest Squire Fan Club Newsletter

Welcome to the new newsletter, where we reveal the winner of the ‘The Place I Used To Live’ white label Test Pressing competition!

The competition was our most popular ever! Over the last few weeks, and since the record release, we have been focusing on the story behind the ‘The Place ‘I Used To Live’ lyrics and exploring New Malden which is provided the inspiration for the song idea.

So the question we asked was -

What is the name of the record shop, and where is it??

The answer is Ketts - by the roundabout! Its appears in the lyrics of the first verse of the song, and the shop and location can been seen in this picture taken in the 1960s here! There’s even a scooter in the photo for good measure!

A few of you researched even deeper and provided anecdotes about living nearby, sending in pictures of the shot above and record bag below, and many of you were reminiscing about your own town and sharing stories about how it had changed out of recognition. Someone even mentioned MJM records which later opened in New Malden in the 1970s, and since it is Record Store Day, we’ll let that answer go in to the winners pile too!

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Finally, thank you to everyone who bought the latest release, ‘The Place ‘I Used To Live’. There's a link to the product page on the picture below in case you still haven’t bought a copy!.

Well, today is the day we announce the winner of the competition in the video below. You can see all the action from Chanel and Anthony revealing the name of the lucky winner in the video! 

Next week we finally get to play live and the dates start with the London Mods Mayday event on May1st, so we hope to see some of you there!

All the best from Squire

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