From A Bench In Soho Square - The latest Squire Newsletter

Hi and welcome to the latest Squire newsletter. We‘ve recently been visiting another Soho - in New York!

Soho was the location of last year’s newsletter and video which we published on the anniversary of Kirsty MacColls Birthday which falls on the 10th October. 

We won’t repeat the newsletter, there is a link below, but for all the new newsletter subscribers, we paid a tribute to Kirsty and explained the connection and how she ended up on the ‘My Mind Goes Round In Circles’ and ‘Does Stephanie Know?’ single! Her voice and harmonies take centre stage on the record and the combination of Anthony & Kirsty created a unique Squire sound, augmented by the first introduction on record of the Rickenbacker 12-string guitar. The release was considered the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Squire singles and remains an important step towards becoming an independent artist and label.

You can read all about it on the link above, and last year we published a special video filmed in Soho Square, London that visits the ‘Kirsty’ bench on the south side, facing north, that has the plaque, and is also adjacent to Paul McCartney’s MPL offices at 1 Soho Square.

You can actually see Paul's office from the bench, and he often stays in the penthouse flat at the top!

While on the subject of Paul McCartney, we were reminded today that a few years ago we happened to be passing his main London house located in Cavendish Avenue, St Johns Wood,

on 9th October 2011 - 11 years ago today, and saw a host of photographers waiting outside!

It was actually the occasion of his wedding at Marylebone Register Office, nearby- so happy anniversary Paul! Today is also John Lennons birthday, and Sean Lennon! - and Giles Martin!! That's quite a remarkable Beatles collection. (It's also John Entwistle, P J Harvey, France Gall, Rod Temperton, and Jackson Browne's birthday to name but a few extra musicians!)

Finally, we still have a few black vinyl ‘My Mind Goes Round In Circles’/ ‘Does Stephanie Know?’ singles available and you can see them on the link here. 

 We're off for a final sniff around New York, and will see you next week!

All the best from Squire - and Chanel!


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