It's Competition Time... Again!

Hello and welcome to the latest Squire Fan Club Newsletter. It’s competition time again!

Chanel has decided to give up her White Label Test Pressing of ‘Girl On A Train’ to a lucky subscriber of the Squire Fan Club Newsletter - as a special Valentine gift! So this time there is no tricky question, no need to ponder an answer or remember to email us in time. All you have to do is make sure you are ‘on the list’ and your name will be included in the draw. So if you receive a weekly email from Squire you are already in!

If you enjoy reading these newsletters but come direct, or follow a link through Facebook or Bandcamp etc. we encourage you to join the mailing list as this is the key to joining in with these special competitions, receiving news first, getting 'first dibs' on limited edition issues, special merch, information on rare stuff and exclusive links to the rare and exciting archive material, and first listen to the new recordings in the pipeline that you might otherwise miss!

So, now is the time! Please subscribe in the link at the bottom of the page, or the pop up window.

The prize is a White Label copy of the ‘Girl On A Train' single!

We’ve had so many responses from the last two competitions that we realise how sought after these items are! And rather than disappoint some of you by posing a historic question you know the answer to but can’t quite remember, and we all have enough to think about at the moment, the draw is open to all Squire fans on the mailing list!

As we explained before, White Label Test Pressings are very special editions of the record ‘hand pressed’ on the most superior grade black vinyl. Only a few are made and they are used to check the quality of the 'cut' before approving for final manufacture. They weigh 75-80 grams compared to normal vinyl single 40-50 grams, and so are of the highest quality and fidelity, and very hard to come by. Hence they are the ultimate prized possession of avid record collectors!

Finally, thank you to everyone who bought the latest release, Girl On A Train! Many of you bought both the Magenta and Yellow colour versions, and they make a great set, and some have invested further in the previous singles of the collection. Indeed, some of you are now already debating on social media which one is next, and we’re getting lots of direct messages explaining which ones you would like to see re-released!

Click on the record sleeve below for a link to the singles page.

Good luck with the competition!

All the best from Squire 

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