Merry Christmas from Squire! The Squire Fan Club Newsletter

Welcome to the latest Squire Fan Club newsletter before Christmas. We will be back in the New Year which we hope is a fun filled explosion of live music, new releases and more discoveries from the archive!

In our first newsletter a few months ago, we reflected not only on how the band missed performing live this year, but how we realise how vital and vibrant the live music scene is to us all. Photos like the one below, remind us of what we perhaps take for granted, yet the occasion seems impossible to imagine now.
Nevertheless, there are dates already prepared for next year and we hope that we are all able to come together again and make up for lost time! We are all ready and waiting!

The unfolding year also took away the opportunity to get together in the studio and concentrate on the planning and recording of new songs. But the time gave us the chance to focus on the remarkable 40th anniversary of Squire and Hilo Records!
Not only did we launch the regular series of coloured vinyl 7 inch re-issue singles celebrating the many sounds and styles as the band progressed from mod revival stalwarts to innovative power poppers, but a regular discovery of unheard recordings, for instance outtakes from the original Get Ready To Go sessions, live recordings from 1980, stories from the archives etc. kept us all interested. Best of all were the two White label competitions and Chanel's skilful picking out the winner!
As you can see, the releases added up over the months and look, and sound, fantastic! The next release is already in the pipeline and the singles series will continue though the year. Although its imprudent to boast of upcoming new songs and records until they are scheduled for release, next year will be a busy time and you won't be disappointed.

We have found the weekly email summary to be well received and a great success and so will continue, as its a fantastic way to remind you all of upcoming releases, concerts and other news, even if you don't find the time to catch up with all the latest newsletters! But they all here for you to read in your own time! We also have the Squire Facebook page, and a special Squire Fan group that you can join by clicking on the public group logo here!
You can also catch us on Instagram and Twitter, Spotify and Apple Music, and so you can keep up with Squire wherever you go for your daily diet of social media!

We still have a few copies of the No Time Tomorrow single and My Mind Goes Round In Circles. CLick on the photo for a direct link to the page.
Thank you to everyone who entered the No Time Tomorrow White Label competition and congratulations to Neil O'Connor who was the lucky winner. The question was "What was the name of the key instrument played on 'No Time Tomorrow' and 'Don't Cry To Me', not mentioned in the session description? The answer was Casio VL-Tone!
The instrument is credited on the back of the sleeve, and the cryptic clue of 'key instrument' was probably missed, but we had fun making it up! There will be more competitions in the New Year for all sorts of goodies!

To close the year, here is a clip of Squire performing No Time Tomorrow in Los Angeles in 2013. You can hear the distinct sound of the Casio VL-Tone keyboard which was played live on stage!

Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year from Squire!

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