Mod To The Core! - The Latest Newsletter

Welcome to the latest newsletter where we look forward to next weeks concerts and reflect on our fantastic homecoming date last week!

First of all, Squire are playing in London on Sunday 5th May at the Mods Mayday concert at the 229 in Great Portland Street, London W1. The date has beeb sold out for ages and we are thrilled to be playing with the cohort of ‘mod revival’ bands as well as some newcomers. You can see the line up here - although it keeps changing!

The next day we repeat the performance in Cambridge at the Junction alongside The Chords, Killermeters, The Face and Teazers. Here are the details. Squire are last on at 9pm!

We last played at The Junction with Secret Affair in 2019, but those who recall Paul Sawtell’s Mod Mayday events a few years a ago will recall Squire playing some fantastic headline shows! 2013's headline show was captured on DVD!

These two dates will also be special because we are in full four-piece powerpop mode with James rejoining on 2nd guitar and harmonies. You can see a taster clip here of Squire at our ‘warm up’ date in Haslemere last week. Its great to have him back in the band again!

They ‘homecoming date was a very special occasion for us. We managed to get all the Squire members together, Kevin and James, Jon and Ray, and were super surprised to have Enzo at the gig as well! It was a super Squire celebration!

Anthony also got to chat with Dan from Return To Sound magazine and you can read the article and see some photos by clicking on the link here.

or on picture below

Thank to Dan for the photos here as well. All in all it has been and will be an eventful few weeks for us.

Finally, we are included on the 45th Anniversary release of the Mods Mayday LP - on vinyl and CD. Details here. The Squire tracks are two unreleased mixes. Circular Motion (single mix) and Stop That Girl ( LA mix). You will be able to buy the record direct from us on the HiLo website from next week!


Don’t forget to come and introduce yourself at the ‘merch;’ stall at both gigs.

See you next week!


All the best



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