Something First, Something Last, Something Timeless! - The latest newsletter

 Hi & welcome to the latest newsletter, where we talk about live concerts and get to share a fantastic video review of the Squire history and recording anthology!

We’re excitedly counting the days to our first concert of the year - Brighton this Saturday 26th August, and we are also able to confirm the last concert of the year as well!

We have been joined by Chords UK and The Killermeters on what looks like a fantastic finale to 2023! 

We hope to see you down the front this Saturday - we’re looking forward to seeing you on the Secret Affair tour dates, and now invite you to come and celebrate with us and together let's see out 2023's gig calendar with a big Smash!

We have also been digging in the stock room and found some very rare original Squire ‘Get Smart’ tee shirts! There are 5 Large Size only! These are the very last ones ever to have been made. They were printed using the exact screen that we used back in 1982, so are authentic in every way!

 You can see Anthony modelling the logo on the ‘Get Smart’ record shop tour in 1983! Many of you probably still have originals from back in the day, they seem to last for ever! But some of you will probably want a special souvenir to wear at the upcoming concerts. So now is the time… the last time you will be able to buy one! Please email us direct if you are interested!

Finally, we are extremely excited to be able to share this ‘CD Junkie’ video podcast overview of Squire which also extends into Sugarplum, Passengers On Trains, and Jon’s recording excursions as well!

Steve Schnee is a respected music journalist, power pop aficionado and DJ. His prolific output of record reviews, band and album profiles and artist Q&A’s are used as an authoritative source of liner notes and music databases worldwide. If you have used All Music and Discogs, you’ll have read his work!

All the best from Squire!

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