The latest Squire Fan Club Newsletter

Hi and welcome to the latest newsletter. The above photo was taken on stage on 25th September 2010 at The Wurlitzer, Madrid, and we fully expected to be in similar form this week!

Unfortunately, this weeks newsletter is short and not as positive as usual - as instead of looking forward to the live dates, this and next week, Squire have been compromised by health concerns and we have had to pull out of the dates at the last minute.

We were so ready to perform after far too long an absence, but we will just have to save up that energy for the next time! Of course we are devastated but are unable to go into situations that may endanger anyone’s health further. And of course you understand.

The concert with From The Jam on 1st October in Loughborough now has PH2 in our place. The 100 Club concert on 10th October already has them playing so we are not certain if we will be replaced there.

However, our concert in December is safe and sound and sold out - so we will see you there!

In the meantime, we will be lying low for a couple of weeks, but will continue with newsletters where we can.

All the best and look after yourselves!

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