Squire - Jesamine  - Vinyl 7 inch BLACK
Squire - Jesamine  - Vinyl 7 inch BLACK
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Squire - Jesamine - Vinyl 7 inch BLACK

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Squire condense the summer into 2 minutes 45 seconds of pop perfection, with the release of JESAMINE b/w WHEN I TRY, I LIE!

This is the hottest record of the year, with the coolest sounds! Available in hot neon pink and cool silver vinyl.

A fanfare of trumpets and jingle of harpsichord create a dayglo extravaganza of pop, baroque and music hall, together with the most memorable trumpet solo since Penny Lane! The B-side recalls the best of love-lorn Beatles ballads with lyrical string quartet.

This is sunshine pop at its finest, conjuring the psychedelic overtones of 1967 and the Summer Of Love!

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Squire entered a new era with the release of Get Smart! Recorded in London and Los Angeles, the ambitious project expanded the bands mod roots, fusing the elegance of baroque instrumentation with jangling paisley pop to create an effortless and timeless masterpiece.

This special limited edition release is the fifth in a series of regular single releases from Hi-Lo Records and Squire that will include previous and unreleased tracks! Continue your collection today!

Now is the time....to Get Smart!!

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