Sugarplum - Blue Summer Days CD
Sugarplum - Blue Summer Days CD
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Sugarplum - Blue Summer Days CD

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Sugarplum is singer/songwriter/guitarist Anthony Meynell’s recording outfit. Bittersweet guitar based pop tunes embrace his diverse influences, a blend of anything from The Byrds to French 60s pop, Big Star to Bubblegum. Soft-centred, watercolour vocals are the charm and character of his music. The focus to the Sugarplum sound is Meynell’s distinctive guitar style, folk influenced acoustic guitar with perfectly placed electric guitar enhancing his carefully considered and intelligent arrangements. Sugarplum shines above the crowd with its musicality, and lyrics that truly come to life with heartfelt melodies. Forget flavour of the month, this is true-pop; a timeless package of delight!




Blue Summer Days is based on the nostalgia of the never ending hot summer. The album begins with the holiday romance of a new place, person and feeling. These are crystallised in the title track Blue Summer Days as you succumb to the warmth of the sun and the blue skies of summer.

The holidays kick off in earnest with a trip to the local village fete, followed by the annual holiday in the English rain! Carefree as a skylark high in the warm evening sky, you are bought to earth as it's back to work while everyone around seems to still be on holiday. You snatch glimpses of summer at the weekends as the never ending heat-wave boils over into a psychedelic haze, the dizziness reminds you of the village fete fun-fair, now so long ago. Suddenly you realise, you are holding on to a memory of summer that has long since gone, dissolved in the passing of time.

1 Pop Stuff 4:42
2 Hannah 3:12
3 Crazy Feeling 3:58
4 Blue Summer Days 3:05
5 Coconut Sky 4:44
6 Holiday In England 3:06
7 Skylark Soaring 3:00
8 Wake Me Up 3:46
9 Summer All Year Long 2:55
10 Indian Summer 4:55
11 Merry Go Round For Two 4:12
12 Time Dissolves The Days 1:52


Onetime Squire frontman Anthony Meynell is Sugarplum, and on Blue Summer Days he drops his mod attitude for a more pure pop identity; an intimate, largely acoustic record, it conjures memories of the Beatles and Donovan, with even a touch of prime T. Rex. - Jason Ankeny - All Music

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