Squire -  September Gurls CD
Squire -  September Gurls CD
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Squire - September Gurls CD

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Squire are proud to announce the arrival of their new album, an Expanded Edition of September Gurls!

September Gurls was originally released in 1984, as a mini album, bringing together as yet undiscovered songs from Big Star, The Shoes and The Clones, together with Meynell originals to create an amalgam of powerful jangle guitar lead pop and celebration of classic pop songwriting. The album has been extended, true to style with five songs from the original 1984 collection of demos, and recorded following the same template of live in the studio performance using analogue equipment to capture the energy and emotion. You will discover not only an obvious affinity between the two sets of songs, but the intense DIY spirit that propels Squire, and is evident in their live shows, is ever present throughout the album. Original fans will be delighted to hear remastered versions of familiar songs, and the driving energy of the new recordings. New fans will find this album the perfect gateway to the world of Squire and the undiscovered gems that await! 


1. September Gurls 02:42
2. Debbie Jones 04:45
3. Boys Don't Lie 02:32
4. Tired Of Hiding 02:39
5. Can You Tell Me When 04:23
6. Merry Go Round For Two 03:51
7. Feel So Tired 03:39
8. The Reasons Why 03:53
9. All For Nothing 03:07
10. Circular Motion 04:18



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