And the winner is...Welcome to the latest Squire Newsletter!

Welcome to the new newsletter, where we reveal the winner of the ‘Jesamine’ white label Test Pressing and Squire T-shirt competition!

 This time we decided to make the prize extra special by combining two items! 

We’ve tried all sorts of interesting ways to set the competitions, from hidden history question, to identifying the sound on the record, being on the mailing list and sending in pictures.

This time we simply asked who designed the 'Jesamine' single sleeve! Not so simple though because the answer isn’t credited on the new 'Jesamine' sleeve, so some of you had to go digging for clues!

The answer was Chris Morton, or C-More-Tone, both were correct, and was revealed a few weeks ago in the ’Art Behind Get Smart! Newsletter of June 20th, and is also on the original Jesamine sleeve and Get Smart! album sleeve. Everyone who entered got the correct answer and we had so many entries we had to fill two buckets of cards for Chanel to pick out the winner!

Before we announce the winner, a quick reminder that if you enjoy reading these newsletters but come direct, or follow a link through Facebook or Bandcamp etc. we encourage you to join the mailing list as this is the key to joining in with these special competitions, receiving news first, getting 'first dibs' on limited edition issues, special merch, information on rare stuff and exclusive links to the rare and exciting archive material, and first listen to the new recordings in the pipeline that you might otherwise miss! So please subscribe in the link at the bottom of the page, or the pop up window.

Finally, thank you to everyone who bought the latest release, ‘Jesamine’. There's a link to the product page here and on the picture above.

Well, today is the day we announce the winner of the competition in the video below. You can see all the action from Chanel and Anthony revealing the name of the lucky winner in the video! 

All the best from Squire - and good luck!!!

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