Boys About Town - The Ultimate Supergroup!!!!

Welcome to the first Squire newsletter of 2022! We have been enjoying an extended hibernation, so you haven’t missed out on any newsletters! We are now looking forward to a full and busy schedule ahead! Thank you to everyone who bought some Squire records for Christmas and treated themselves thereafter! We have the latest single ‘The Young Idea’ in store and all the other goodies so please check out the catalog pages!

This week we are having a very special deep dive into the unheard Squire archive to kick off the year - prompted by recent releases from our dearest friends! Firstly, Paul Bevoir's latest album ‘A Balloon To The Moon’ is a veritable masterpiece!

In addition, Ed Ball is also enjoying a renaissance of interest, not only with the Cherry Red Box Set but also with imminent vinyl single releases. 

So, our focus returns to the mid 1980s when an absolute ‘Mod Supergroup’ emerged by chance in California which included Anthony alongside these London based pop maestros.

By 1985, Squire and Hi-Lo records had relocated to California, and as detailed a few weeks ago, in November 7ths 'Wha-a-a-m! Squire In San Francisco' newsletter, Anthony had performed live on KUSF radio in San Francisco, for the enigmatic host Linda Ryan, alongside other local bands, Flying Colour, Noonday Underground and Lost Patrol.

During this time, Anthony was in constant contact with music friends back in London and shared his enthusiasm for the opportunities that lay on the West Coast of America for UK bands. Constant cajoling to come and see for themselves resulted in a welcome visit from Ed Ball of The Times, Paul Bevoir of The Jetset and Simon Smith from Mood Six! They flew out to Los Angeles and joined Anthony to perform together in an outfit that Ed christened as ‘Boys About Town!’

The band debuted with a live performance in San Diego, with few photos capturing the historic event, but a subsequent radio show at KUSF in San Francisco was recorded in entirety!

At the time we joked the concept of ‘Boys About Town’ was akin to a British ‘Crosby, Stills & Nash’ hybrid because of the natural vocal harmonising between us all, but listening back now, the atmosphere of casual collaboration and complimentary songwriting seems much more than an impromptu ‘and friends’ affair, and is remindful of the recently released Beatles ‘Get Back’ documentary series filmed at Shepperton Studios and on the Saville Row rooftop! Indeed, the intimacy of the 'Get Back' sessions which resulted in the 'Let It Be' album inspired the artwork parody here, and the radio session recording captures a similar warmth of unity and accord within that iconic band!

The obvious affinity between everyone hints at what might have evolved had it been taken into a recording studio, each of us with a unique style, but all sharing influences and enjoying parallel approaches as  artist / performers with own independent label identities.

The ensemble performed on each others songs, also managing to squeeze in some great choices of cover versions!  Alongside Boys About Town were members of Flying Colour, Noonday Underground and Lost Patrol from the previous KUSF session who also played some numbers.

As the session dissolved into mayhem, each took turns to play songs from their catalogue, and then it dissolved further as the UK and US musicians attempted a Beatles vs. Monkees marathon!

Some years later, four songs emerged on the Little Teddy 4-track vinyl 7 inch EP capturing the essence of this supergroup sensation! The Squire tracks included were ‘No Time Tomorrow’ and ‘Does Stephanie Know’. Ed Ball performed ‘A Cloud Over Liverpool’ while Paul Bevoir sung his classic ‘Vale Row’.

But other songs were performed and remained unheard! The excitement and humour within the band is evident from the session tape, part of which we share now!

The tracks here are ‘No Time Tomorrow’ with Anthony on electric 12-string, Ed and Paul on harmonies and Simon on table, and ‘I Feel Fine’ (The Beatles) with Paul on lead vocal, everyone in the room on everything else, and Buddy Woodward from The Lost Patrol playing great 12-string guitar. The introductory banter was typical of the spirit between the musicians and is classic 'Beatles' playbook!

Over the next three weeks we will expand on the fun and adventures of the pioneering pop upstarts and play some more unheard tracks! 

"And now ladies & gentlemen... your hosts for the evening... Boys About Town!”








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