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Thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered the latest Squire single, My Mind Goes Round In Circles / Does Stephanie Know? The blue vinyl version has almost sold out so we are overwhelmed by the excitement this release has created, along with the expectation of the future releases! While the focus of the record is on the title and A-side ‘Circles’, it is often the flip side that creates the most interest.

The song revisits the mod pop rhythm of ‘It’s a Mod Mod World’, and combines it with a lyric that addresses the void of adolescence to adulthood through the voice of Stephanie.

The entire back sleeve is dedicated to the song and the lyrics are printed beside the mysterious photo of a girl on a swing, classic 1960s Blow Up/Girl With Green Eyes/Georgy Girl imagery that fitted with songs subject narrative. 

The photo was taken in Foxenden Quarry Park, Guildford, Surrey on a misty March morning from a long distance away from the subject, facing east, with a telephoto lens and then enlarged, to mimic the grainy Maryon Park photo scene in the Blow Up movie. The girl who modelled for the back sleeve is Coral, and her name appears as the last credit in the ‘special thanks to’ list. She was a close friend of the band, and Foxenden Quarry Park (also known as Foxy-Q Park!) was minutes away from where Anthony lived, and was the local “Itchycoo Park’ a mysterious place and former quarry, which also hid the entrance to an abandoned underground WW2 deep air raid shelter big enough to hold 1000 people - the ultimate scary place for local kids to explore!

Though the single versions are the most familiar, the songs later appeared on the LP Hits From 3000 Years Ago. These alternative recordings were actually the ‘demos’ of the songs, recorded earlier than the single, and reveal stripped down arrangements, no 12-string guitar, piano or female harmony. While ‘Circles’ is assured and confident, ‘Stephanie’ is still developing; the intro and ending hadn’t been perfected yet so it’s a simple start and fade out ending.

 Both songs became a stage favorites and have been performed by other bands, we particularly like the fast version of ‘My Mind Goes Round In Circles’ by Art School from Spain, and ‘Does Stephanie Know?’ by The Shambles from California, and we are humbled to hear that there are some, now grown up, women named Stephanie because of the song title!

We have compiled a special playlist on YouTube that collects these cover versions, various fan created videos, and Squires own live performances for the two songs! Subscribe to the channel to get future updates and hear of special uploads from the Squire vaults!


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