Girl On A Train! New single release from Squire!

Squire are thrilled to announce a special BLACK VINYL re-issue of GIRL ON A TRAIN b/w EVERY TRICK (IN THE BOOK OF LOVE)

Originally re-released on coloured vinyl on January 16th, 2021, we only have a few left so decided to produce a very limited run of BLACK vinyl copies! There is a blue sleeve version and the rare yellow sleeve version too.

And due to constant nagging from fans, we also decided to produce some Squire button badges!

You can see here the original Parka Green and Sta Prest Blue ‘mod’ Squire badge that matched the Maximum Mod Music sticker from 1978!

The arrow logo became the Squire trademark up until the release of ‘No Time Tomorrow’ which sported a new look — the ‘Rickenbacker’ style logo, first produced on black and grey badges. You can see the design here on the original Girl On A Train artwork.

The third style came from graphic artist Chris Morton who redesigned the Squire logo with the Get Smart album.

We have produced a red, and a black version here. Finally we have included the Girl On A Train sleeves in both colours, which make great badges!

And since it is Black Friday season everywhere, we’ve also joined in and are offering the new single together with a badge pack, in various bundles, so you can click on the picture below and have a good look at what is available.

Meanwhile, why not have another listen to the Girl On Train demo. We discussed it in the January 31st 2021 ‘Behind The Music’ newsletter, and I’m sure many new fans won’t have had the time to search back through the past of nearly 100 posts! - though they are all still there - but below is a video of the demo, and a link below that to the original newsletter if you want to read more!



All the best from Squire!


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