New Album Release!!! - Live In Tokyo

A treat for Squire fans! Available now!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the latest album: Anthony Meynell - Live In Tokyo.

BUY HERE! or click on pictures.

Acoustic versions of all your favourite Squire songs combined with unheard compositions taken from the 'Passengers On Trains' album. These never heard before acoustic performances hark back to the original songwriting arrangements. You never hear them like this!

The fun loving sleeve reflects these versions of the songs, outlined without embellishment, creating a cartoon silhouette of Squire that highlights the lyrical emotion and melodic sensibilities separate from the bombast of studio production.

1. Every Trick (In The Book Of Love)
2. Passengers On Trains
3. B-A-B-Y Baby Love
4. September Gurls
5. Your Golden Finger
6. Tapestry Of Fire
7. Something To Believe In
8. Nervous Laughter
9. Jesamine
10. My Mind Goes Round In Circles
11. Troubadour

In June 1995, Anthony visited Japan for the debut of his album 'Passengers On Trains'. The album launch included solo concerts in Tokyo, combining the new material with some favourites picked from the Squire repertoire. This album captures one of those concerts in entirety, recorded live at Ebisu Guilty, Tokyo, Japan on 16 June 1995. The stark arrangements and intimate atmosphere reveal the songwriter behind the songs, and the occasion amplifies the passion behind the performer. You will be entranced by the delicacy and power of the unique event!

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