Roll Up! Roll Up! for the Boys About Town finale!

Hi and Welcome to the new Squire newsletter! This week is the final in the trilogy of the Boys About Town story.

First of all we wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and hope everyone is sharing love and joy!

We are keeping this newsletter really short this week as we have our own celebrations to enjoy, but would like to remind everyone if you haven't sent your loved one a message yet - make time today! There are plenty of ideas in the Squire store and indeed, within the Squire lyrics if you need a catalyst to find some poetic expression.

We've been knocked out by the response to this hidden part of the Squire/London/California history and without further ado, you get to hear the final tracks, which also appeared on the Little Teddy EP, but appear here in their unedited form. Along with the performances, there is some classic banter and fun from the KUSF radio show. First up is 'Does Stephanie Know?, the Squire classic B-side to 'My Mind Goes Round In Circles', with Anthony on vocals and acoustic guitar, Paul on electric guitar and Ed and Simon on harmonies. Next is Ed's '(There's A) Cloud Over Liverpool', followed by Paul performing the magnificent 'Vale Row'.


We hope you have enjoyed listening to these cuts and we will be sharing special news next week!

All the best from Squire




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