Various -  It's A Mod Mod World CD
Various -  It's A Mod Mod World CD
Various -  It's A Mod Mod World CD
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Various - It's A Mod Mod World CD

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Released in 1997, the 'Hi-Lo' Compilation combines the original 'American Heart and Soul' Album from 1986, with additional tracks to bring you an overview of one of the finest indie labels to ever grace a genre: Hi-Lo Records.

SQUIRE - It's A Mod Mod World


LOST PATROL - My Guilty Pleasure

MANUAL SCAN - Confidence & Love

THE JETSET - The Story Of The World

SQUIRE - The Place I Used To Live


LOST PATROL - Jaguar Skies



THE KEY - What’s Happening Today

SQUIRE - The Young Idea

THE MOD FUN - Open For Eyes


THE JETSET - What A Way To Go

MANUAL SCAN - New Difference



J-WALKERS - When You’re Up

SQUIRE - Get Smart

You now hold in you hand an overview of one of the finest indie labels to ever grace a genre: Hi-Lo Records. Established by pop virtuoso Anthony Meynell in 1980 originally to showcase Meynell’s group Squire, the label played an important part in introducing the world to the then burgeoning Mod and 60’s influenced pop music scenes, also becoming a forerunner to many independent labels that followed. Squire emerged as one of Britain’s first ever ‘Neo-mod’ bands, taking the stage by storm dressed in their sharp mod attire. Mod was fully revived in 1979 becoming the new revolution in the UK, and continued to rule as the focus of youth culture through to the early eighties. It’s musical influences were primarily taken from American 60’s soul music and British beat, the style, tailor-made smart. The message soon caught on, and the young generation around the world were ready for a brand new beat. Impeccably styled and creative-minded youths generated a sense of positivity, taking the music and fashion into their own hands. The lifestyle became an identity as many issued their own fanzines, challenging the mainstream media to catch up with their sharp sensibilities. Mod clubs were in full bloom, networking at its prime. The scene evolved to an international level. The living Room in London was run by mod revolutionary Alan McGee, March Of The Mods was there gathering place of the Tokyo trendies, and parties were heralded by vibespeople and bands all across America. The spirit of the independent label thus thrived in this atmosphere as these music enthusiasts began to release records of their favourite bands. The first Hi-Lo release in 1981, “Hits From 3000 Years Ago”, sold excessively in North America, and the four Squire singles released between 1982 to 1983 are amongst their most celebrated works. The initial hype surrounding the mod scene in the UK had reached a decline, however mod had continued to develop in other countries, and in the UK new bands with less attitude and more musical mod influences had began to surface. Recognising the musical potential and spirit in these bands, Meynell took to signing and releasing records from bands across the globe, transcending the true spirit of ‘It’s A Mod Mod World’ on a more global scale. Hi-Lo thus became a pioneer in its field, taking the movement further where the spirit of ’79 had left off.

Meynell had developed an exceptionally strong fanbase on the west coast of the U.S. with the early Hi-Lo releases, and went on to tour the U.S. in 1983, also establishing a Stateside arm of Hi-Lo Records. The North American contingent was also well documented on “American Heart And Soul” released in 1986, a collection of selected bands from across the nation. Hi-Lo Records captured the spirit of an era way ahead of its time, the missing link between 60’s mod and what is now known as guitar pop.

Love and Faith,

Anna/Antenna Recordings Corps

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